BKT RIDEMAX FL 699 Radial Tire

BKT introduced the RIDEMAX FL 699 radial tire, which features a reinforced bead to ensure better stability even at high speeds, at Agritechnica 2019

Bkt Ridemax Fl 699 24 R 20 5
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BKT introduces the RIDEMAX FL 699 radial tire which is well suited for road applications with trailers and tank trucks.

  • Reinforced bead ensures better stability even at high speeds
  • Provides comfortable ride providing safety and driving control
  • Designed for 90% on-the-road usage but also ensures excellent performance in fields
  • Good load capacity to decrease number of transport cycles
  • Features high mileage and long durability
  • Available sizes include the 24 R 20. and 525/65 R 20.5 

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