SprayBib Tire

Michelin announces its SprayBib tire is now available in size VF420/95R50 to provide stability and productivity enhancements to sprayers and other crop conditioning machines.


The MICHELIN SprayBib tire is now available in size VF420/95R50.

  • Aspect ratio of 95 guarantees enhanced safety and stability for users of sprayers and other crop conditioning machines
  • Provides optimal stability when traveling at high speeds of up to 65 km/h
  • Features all the benefits of Michelin Ultraflex Technology
  • VF designation signifies more effective protection of soil by applying less pressure and distributing it more evenly due to tire’s large footprint
  • Ability to function at low pressure prevents soil damage and enables farmers to more effectively manage operations in working periods shortened by weather conditions
  • Ultraflex Technology evacuates mud more effectively and reduces vibrations, protecting soil as well as improving operator comfort and protecting equipment from potential damage caused by vibrations
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