Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers

Xantrex introduces the second generation of its Freedom SW inverter/charger, which allows two units to work together to provide twice the current output.

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Xantrex Technology, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has launched the second generation Freedom SW inverter/charger models. The second generation 2,000 watt model has been redesigned to include many of the same great features found in its high power counterpart.

  • Available in 12 and 24V models
  • Parallel and series stacking allows two units (either 2,000 watt or 3,000 watt) to work in synergy to provide up to twice the rated current and charging output
  • Stacking enables operation at high power loads while charging large battery banks
  • Generator Support Mode automatically supplements generator when AC loads exceed the generator’s capacity
  • Provides premium sine wave performance
  • Features improved AC transfer/AC input detection time, providing ability to transfer AC loads to batteries in less than 10 milliseconds when incoming grid or generator power is lost
  • Connected loads are almost unable to feel power transition due to quick transfer time
  • Offers full output in higher temperature ranges
  • Features efficient, power factor corrected charging
  • Meets CSA, UL 458 with marine supplement, FCC Class B and ABYC requirements 
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