PyroPhobic Systems highlights fire resistant thermoplastic system at The Battery Show 2015

PyroPhobic Systems' Lithium Prevent technology breaks thermal runaway events and contains battery fires to a single point.

PyroPhobic Systems

PyroPhobic Systems premiered Lithium Prevent at The Battery Show 2015, showcasing an engineered fire resistant thermoplastic system that reacts to break a thermal runaway event and contains the battery fire to a single point.

Visitors from around the world spoke with John Page, President, and Tim Riley, International Business Development, about how Lithium Prevent can be designed as an injection molded, intumescent, fire resistant thermoplastic battery pack that contains runaway fires for a range of chemistry and sizes of lithium batteries.                 

Lithium Prevent technology is a unique, (patent pending) solution that is an integral component for passive safety with several lithium battery applications. Since it is an injection molded plastic, manufacturing is precise and affordable.                 

Electric vehicle manufactures, energy storage integrators, and battery manufacturers were seeking risk reducing solutions for use with high-powered lithium battery packs, as well as a performance packaging solution.                    

Lithium Prevent offers formulated materials that are independently tested by a range of certified laboratories as well as evaluated by NASA as an effective method to contain runaway battery fires. Lithium Prevent offers lithium battery pack integrators and manufactures an engineered solution tailored to meet their exacting needs as only a thermoplastic solution is capable of providing a durable, infinitely scalable manufactured passive fire barrier system that contains runaway lithium battery fires to a single point.

The company's IntuPlas and Bernograph products are also tested at UL and ITS for use as a fire barrier in fire rated commercial construction.