Technology News Tracker: Battery Options are Increasing

As electrification continues to increase, so has the need for new battery technologies capable of providing more power output.

Increasing electrification in various industries is bringing about the need for new battery technologies.

Webasto recently introduced its CV Standard Battery system.

It enables up to 10 packs to be used for a combined power output of 350 kWh.

The battery system can be used in a variety of vehicle types, including heavy-duty off-road equipment.

Freudenberg’s XALT Energy brand has introduced a low-profile high energy density battery pack which is scalable to various installations.

The company is currently working with an NFI Group subsidiary to supply its battery technology for long-distance motor coaches.

XALT also recently partnered with HED Inc. to develop a telematics solution which tracks the performance of battery-electric powered vehicles.

Many manufacturers have begun to diversify into the battery market, including engine manufacturers such as DEUTZ and Cummins.

Briggs & Stratton announced in October 2019 its lithium-ion battery pack which works together with a battery management system and charger.

This provides turf equipment OEMs a complete, fully integrated electric power system that is flexible to install.

Truck OEM Nikola announced in November 2019 it was developing a new battery technology with energy density of 1,100 watt-hours per kg.

The technology would enable Nikola’s battery electric trucks to drive 800 miles fully loaded between charges, and its fuel cell trucks to surpass 1,000 miles. 

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