DurA-Tek Brushless DC Motors

DurA-Tek brushless DC motors offer rugged solutions for heavy-duty transit and off-highway vehicles.

Duratekbr 10210576

DurA-Tek brushless DC motors offer compact and rugged solutions for demanding high duty cycle applications in heavy-duty transit buses and construction and off-highway vehicles.

  • 3.0-in. outside motor diameter
  • Standard 2-wire electrical hookup
  • Designed for 40,000 hours of service
  • Integrate drive electronics promoting enhanced motor controllability in a smaller, lighter package
  • “Smart” onboard motor controls and advanced electronic design deliver a wide range of key features, including multi-speed operation, over-current control, locked-rotor protection, reverse polarity protection, transient over-voltage protection, and over-temperature shutoff
  • 12v/24v brushless DC motors can achieve continuous torque from 19.7 oz.-in. to 55 oz.-in.
  • Speeds from 2,927  to 4,400 rpm, depending on model
  • Designed to resist water spray, rain, humidity, salt, fog, shock, and vibration
  • Custom products can be engineered to satisfy particular application requirements
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