SLM Series Brushless Servo Motor

Exlar Corp.'s SLM Series Brushless Servo Motor provides high torque in a small package for use in a variety of applications.

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Exlar’s SLM Series Brushles Servo Motor line offers high torque output in the a compact package. The improved torque performance of the SLM Series motor is the result of Exlar’s T-LAM segmented motor stator design.

  • Each segment contains individual phase wiring, and thus limits heat generation
  • UL recognized
  • Three frame sizes, 60, 90 and 115 mm, are available
  • Provides continuous torque ratings from 7.6 to 176 in-lbs and speeds ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm
  • One, two and three stack motor stators are standard offerings
  • Custom motor voltages and base speeds are available to offer maximum system flexibility
  • Allows use in state-of-the-art closed loop servo systems, where electronic control of   positioning and velocity is required
  • Features IP65 sealing and stainless steel shaft
  • Includes MS connectors
  • Provides feedback configuration for nearly all servo amplifiers
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