UQM Receives Follow-On Order From Proterra to Meet Increased Demand

UQM has received a new follow-on order for its PowerPhase HD electric drive systems to meet increased demand for Proterra's zero-emission buses.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces the receipt of a new follow-on order from Proterra for PowerPhase HD electric drive systems, to be manufactured and shipped throughout 2017. Proterra will continue to increase its production capacity in 2017 as an increasing number of transit agencies see zero-emission buses as a credible and proven alternative to diesel, CNG, and hybrid buses. Proterra has fleets active in numerous cities throughout the U.S. Proterra’s expansion is continuing to manifest as new investments and investors are attracted to their leading edge bus technology utilizing the UQM electric powertrain system.

“UQM is proud to have a relationship with Proterra that extends beyond the traditional supplier/customer framework. We have worked closely over the years with Proterra in optimizing our system and are now starting to truly see the rewards with Proterra’s significant increase in demand and expansion opportunities,” says Joe Mitchell, President and CEO of UQM Technologies Inc.

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