The Battery Show and Electric Vehicle Technology Expo Announce Virtual Event

Digital Express is a one day event in August offering a full suite of digital activities, including educational content; a virtual event is planned for November as well.

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Organizers of The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology (EVT) Expo announce the next live edition of the annual event will take place in 2021. As the health and safety of the battery and EV/HEV (electric vehicle and hybrid-electric vehicle) community is the highest priority of Informa Marketsorganizers of the eventit has been determined this to be the safest course of action as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

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The brand has launched two new virtual offerings that will serve the battery and EV/HEV communities by complementing and supplementing the annual events. 

Digital Express

Digital Express, a new virtual event, is set to take place over a full day on August 12. Designed to connect and engage the battery and EV/HEV audience, the free-to-attend event will offer a full suite of digital activities, including educational content, networking events, and a virtual product showcase featuring interactive, virtual demos in which suppliers will give a first-hand look at their latest products. The inaugural virtual event sessions and panels will touch on opportunities arising in a post pandemic world as well as new technology, market outlook, national collaboration, and more. Select Digital Express sessions, panels, and activities are noted below. To attend Digital Express, please visit here.

In addition to Digital Express, The Battery Show and Electric Vehicle Technology Expo teams are working on a larger virtual event, Digital Days, which will occur in November over the course of three days. More information on Digital Days to come.

Media Portfolio

Further expanding into the digital realm, The Battery Show and EVT Expo has launched a new media portfolio providing news and industry analysis to the battery and EV community at any point in time as well as timely online educational opportunities throughout the year. “The offerings, coupled with the Digital Express, together mark a new chapter in The Battery Show portfolio as it extends its reach beyond the live event, catering to the needs of the battery and EV community 365 days a year,” says Jenny McCall, Informa Markets’ event director. “As a trusted resource for community education and connecting buyers and suppliers in the battery and EV markets, we’re excited to build upon our reputation and deliver more services in order to advance the industry.”

As part of the new media portfolio, content pages on each show’s site (Battery/EVT Expo) are available to keep community members up to date on the latest industry trends and those interested can subscribe to the media portfolio’s email newsletters including:

  • Industry Insights Newsletter helping readers stay current on the latest industry news and trends
  • Product Showcase Newsletter, highlighting the latest innovations in battery technology and EV/HEV vehicles

Additional educational content will be offered throughout the year including webinars and white papers. Premier sponsors that have made the media portfolio possible include:

  • CSM Products, Inc.
  • Dow
  • East Penn Manufacturing
  • Epic Resins
  • Inventus Power
  • Parker LORD

Select Digital Express sessions, panels, and activities include:

Product Sourcing Power Hour: Get to know The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo digital exhibitors

  • Discover new products, components, and technologies that the exhibitors have to offer. Get the opportunity to favorite exhibitors, and connect with them directly via virtual business cards, and live chat.

Panel Discussion: COVID-19 Impact on Battery Industry 


  • Dave Rich, BFO - BOM Family Owner 12V - 48V Vehicle Electrification and Tech Development, GM
  • Sam Abuelsamid, Principal Research Analyst, E-Mobility, Guidehouse Insight
  • Robert Galyen, CTO, CATL

The global lithium-ion battery market is projected to hit 129 billion by 2027 and poised to fully transition from lead-acid batteries, but will the COVID-19 pandemic prove to have a lasting impact throughout the industry or will plans move ahead as scheduled? Join this webinar panel including OEM, analyst and supplier perspectives on the effect of the biggest pandemic in the 21st century, including major disruptions to sales as well as the supply chain. This panel of industry experts will address:

  • How electrification adoption plans will change due to repercussions of the pandemic
  • Will OEM plans of expansion move forward?
  • The impact on the global battery supply chain, sales and demand
  • The biggest opportunities expected in a post COVID-19 world

Working Lunch Webinar: Thermal Management for Electric Vehicle Batteries: Technology and Market Outlook

Speaker: James Edmondson PhD., Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

Thermal management is an often-overlooked area for lithium-ion batteries but is one of the most significant and essential for commercial success. Increasing fast charging demands and enhanced performance requirements for electric vehicles mean highly effective thermal systems will be required. In this webinar, IDTechEx will analyze all categories of electric vehicles on land, sea, and air and forecast a growth of plug-in passenger cars to sales of over 7 million in 2025 and over 17 million in 2030. Presentation will include:

  • Market overview of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles
  • Technology benchmarking of different active and passive cooled solutions
  • Outlook for shifting OEM strategies and key market drivers
  • Key material considerations and player analysis

Panel Discussion: Fleet Electrification Panel: A National Collaboration Project


  • Maureen Marshall, PMP, Midwest Regional Director, CALSTART
  • Keshav Sondi, Director - Fleet Engineering and Sustainability, PepsiCo,
  • Rustam Kocher, EMG Ecosystem Infrastructure Lead, Daimler Trucks North America
  • Mike Roeth, Executive Director, North American Council for Freight Efficiency

Commercial fleets are making the transition to a clean energy future and fleet electrification is leading the way. This webinar will highlight the actions that need to happen beyond the individual state lines and at a national level to ensure the success of fleet electrification. Fleet owners are faced with critical decisions in regard to their future fuel choice; a choice that is being driven by regulations and policy, and more importantly access to infrastructure. Both of which are not consistent at a National level which is a great cause of operational inefficiencies.

Webinar will address:

  • National transport electrification barriers and mitigation opportunities
  • Regulations, infrastructure, equipment/products
  • Standardization of systems and equipment
  • Charging infrastructure, connectors, capability