Pressure sensor to reduce pollution and energy costs

Replacing the traditional pedal system with an electronic system has proven to help reduce gas and noise reductions.

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With over 150 dealerships and service outlets in Europe, Mecalac Ahlmann Group offers a wide range of equipment and services for today’s urban construction sites. Their multi-purpose wheeled machines and crawlers feature state-of-the-art technological advantages for work at sites where space is limited. 

“We develop products that are innovative and have a high added value for our customers,” says Mecalac. They also note that countering noise and pollution is a growing trend in the industry, and manufacturers are taking these measures into consideration during the design process.

Replacing the traditional pedal system in multi-purpose machines with an electronic system has proven to be a significant advance in responding to the constant decrease in available work space, along with increasing environmental demands relative to gas and noise emission.

Mecalac agrees that one important component in maintaining these systems is Danfoss pressure sensors. Because Mecalac’s machines are designed for universal applications, often in challenging conditions, it is vital that they have a high level of accuracy for their function. For this, Mecalac engineering and Danfoss decided that the MBS 1250 would be the best choice for both partners.

Danfoss has a strong reputation in the industry,” says Mecalac Ahlmann Group. ”We have relied on their products to help deliver the quality our customers have come to expect from our machines.”

In Mecalac’s versatile 714 series, the MBS 1250 is used in the auto-idle function. The MBS 1250 measures the demand of hydraulic power and, when there is no demand for a period of time defined by the operator, the engine automatically switches to idle. As soon as the sensor detects a demand for power, however, the engine is immediately activated, creating an efficient transition from idle to the necessary power requirement.

“The MBS 1250 is used in a function that saves energy and gas,” Mecalac explains,” so it also helps to decrease our customers’ operating costs as well.”

The compact heavy duty OEM pressure transmitter MBS 1250 is designed for use in severe hydraulic applications. The high degree of EMI protection equips the pressure transmitter to meet the most stringent industrial requirements, and the design offers excellent vibration stability and an exceptional robustness against humidity and temperature change.

”Our machines have to be compact,” Mecalac Ahlmann Group asserts. ”We chose Danfoss because their sensors are also compact, can be integrated easily and are very reliable for our versatile applications. They are also competitive on specifications and price, so Danfoss brings in value to our business.”

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