Multi-Pump Fluid Tracking Tool

OEM Data Delivery's Multi-Pump tracking tool lets companies keep track of fluid levels for an entire fleet of vehicles.

Multipump 10256200

OEM Data Delivery, a developer of jobsite data management tools and telematics systems, has introduced the Multi-Pump tracking tool for companies in the construction, mining and aggregate industries. Multi-Pump is a wireless, paperless, "hands-free" technology that ID's each vehicle in a fleet, its location and the fluids dispensed to it.

  • Tracks fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid
  • GPS antenna and radio antenna captures and relays data
  • Stamps GPS coordinates into record as hour data collected
  • Passively collects information within a 300 ft. ling-of-sight range and transmits over a secure radio link
  • "GoPOD" unit captures equipment hours, mileage and gallons dispensed
  • Collected information is accessed through email, password-protected web reports or integrates into back office management systems
  • Monitors health and performance of equipment
  • Generates custom alerts when maintenance is necessary
  • Maintains individual vehicle histories
  • Makes calculations and analyses based on user specifications
  • Security options available to prevent theft


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