Capacitance Type Liquid Level Sensors

Fozmula's capacitance type liquid level sensors provide continuous output of fuel level without any moving parts.

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Sensor specialists Fozmula announces the launch of a range of capacitance type liquid level sensors.

  • Features integrated fuel feed and return pipes, reducing costs and complexity 
  • Capacitance technology provides continuous output of fuel level without having any moving parts such as floats or swinging arms
  • Delivers improved accuracy and reliability when compared to mechanical alternatives
  • Modular design provides system design flexibility 
  • Die-cast header with either five-hole SAE or six-hole SAE mounting is capable of accommodating wide variety of fuel inlet and outlet fittings
  • Eliminates need for additional fuel extraction and filling connections, and simplifies tank assembly and installation
  • Length of sensor probe and fuel pipes can be specified, as well as the resistive output range, breather type and style of electrical termination
  • Built-in level switch provides signal to warn of either low fuel or over-filling


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