Gen-3 IntelliSensor Fuel-Level and Volume Sensor

Maxima Technologies' fuel-level and volume sensing device continuously and automatically adjusts for any fuel type.

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Maxima Technologies & Systems, LLC, introduces the Gen-3 IntelliSensor, the third generation of Maxima’s patented, electronic parametric type fuel-level and volume sensing device.

  • Adjusts continuously and automatically for two types of diesel fuel, biodiesel and gasoline
  • Features sealed surface mount technology (SMT) electronics and no moving parts
  • Provides level and volumetric calibrations for non-standard tank
  • Completely sealed and corrosion proof
  • Easily installs in standard SAE five-hold flange opening
  • Works even when installed on an angle of up to 30 degrees
  • Configures to simulate a resistive input or with a voltage output
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