Jewell Instruments Introduces Single and Dual Axis Digital Inclinometer and Accelerometer Sensors

Jewell Instruments has released new single and dual axis digital inclinometer and accelerometer sensors featuring Jewell's highly accurate analog closed loop sensor technology.

Jewell Instruments, a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of sensors and controls, meters and avionics, and industrial test equipment announces the addition of its new DXA and DXI digital inclinometer and accelerometer series to the Inertial Sensors and Controls product line. The DXI 100/200 Series is the Single and Dual Axis version of its Inclinometer and the DXA 100/200 Series is the Single and Dual Axis version of its Accelerometer Series. Both products take Jewell’s highly accurate analog closed loop sensor technology to the next level.

The DXI and DXA 100/200 Series features a digital output with a resolution of 0.001 degrees.  Available in a single or dual axis package, this sensor will provide both high precision and performance for any of your tilt sensing or acceleration requirements. Both digital products come standard with an EIA-RS485 and EIA-RS422 Industry Standard outputs and provide low noise and high and long stability.  These new digital sensors can be used for a variety of applications including radar/antenna control, structural monitoring, platform leveling, linear acceleration/deceleration measuring, automatic train position control systems, seismic monitoring, and more.

"Jewell Instruments is very excited about introducing both their first digital precision accelerometers and inclinometers. We are providing a choice of single and dual axis models, as well as allowing our customers to choose either EIA-422 or EIA-485 interfaces to cover all applications and markets," says Brian Ward, Director of Business Development.