Peerless Electronics now stocking Honeywell PX2 Series transducers

Peerless Electronics announces it is now stocking Honeywell's PX2 Seris Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers.

Peerless Honeywell Px2 Series Pressure Transducer
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Honeywell’s PX2 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer is a new line of highly configurable pressure transducers that use piezoresistive sensing technology with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) signal conditioning in a stainless steel housing that is compatible with a variety of moderately harsh media. With thousands of possible configurations, the PX2 Series allows Honeywell to meet customer requirements and quickly provide samples. New standard configurations are regularly being added to the series. The PX2 Series is compatible with a variety of harsh media including brake fluid, refrigerants, engine oil, tap water, hydraulic fluids, and compressed air. The wide operating temperature range, up to IP69K protection, and CE compliance allow compatibility for reliable performance in tough environments.

Many of the most popular connector configurations are available from Peerless Electronics Inc. Peerless is an authorized stocking distributor for Honeywell Sensing and Control. 

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