Continental HFL110 3D Flash LIDAR

Continental's HFL110 3D Flash LIDAR generates a high-resolution 3D point cloud and intensity maps 25 times/sec.

Continental Hfl110 3 D Flash Lidar
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Continental has developed an advanced automotive grade solid-state LIDAR, the HFL110 3D Flash LIDAR. 

  • Enhances Continental’s existing ADAS sensor suite or radar and 2D color sensors for automated driving
  • Creates precision 3D profile of vehicle's surroundings
  • Delivers detailed and accurate 3D profile in 330 nanoseconds per frame, regardless of time of day or weather conditions
  • For use at close range (50 m/164.04 ft. or less)
  • Immune to vibration or speed distortion
  • Generates high-resolution 3D point cloud 25 times per second within its 120 degree field of view
  • Multiple precise distance measurements capture 4,096 contiguous pixels of depth data in real-time across the field of view, enabling and assisting with challenging maneuvers safely  
  • Contiguous HFL110 pixels tolerate nearby high or low reflectivity surfaces, producing a point cloud and/or an object list to define and track vehicle’s surroundings and moving objects within it
  • Enhanced by an integrated heater and an optional automatic washer system
  • Can be combined with Continental’s radars and 2D cameras for power sensor suite to assure high degree of reliability in wide range of weather conditions
  • Addresses application areas in automotive, commercial vehicles, agriculture, construction, mining, UAV delivery, Precision Infrastructure Inspection and more
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