Riverside Mfg., LLC Slope Sensor

Riverside Mfg., LLC's Slope Sensor allows calibration at the OEM level or out in the field.

Slope Sensor Enclosure

Riverside Mfg., LLC announces the release of its Slope Sensor.

  • Well suited for those inaccurate "bubble" indicators used in the work truck market
  • Users can calibrate the sensor at the OEM level or out in the field
  • Capable of logging the last 50 hours of usage data
  • Outputs ready to go for visual and audible warnings 
  • Operating temperature range of -30-75 C (-22-167 F)
  • Operating voltage of 8-24V DC
  • Current draw is <100mA
  • Environmental rating to IP69
  • Includes reverse polarity, backfeed, and under/over voltage protection
  • Allows optional shut down of vehicle/equipment when max slope is exceeded
  • Optional LED indicator available

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