ProViu 360-Degree Camera Surveillance System

Continental's ProViu camera system provides a 3D, 360-degree view of their vehicle to help improve work site safety.

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Continental has developed a system for the construction sector which provides a theoretical 3D presentation of the vehicle’s environment. The all-round camera surveillance system ProViu 360-degree provides drivers in the cabin with a complete view of their vehicle’s exterior.

  • Minimizes maneuvering risks and blind spots are no longer a worry as other road users or obstacles are detected at all times
  • Features several digital micro cameras attached to the outside of the vehicle
  • Cameras' fish-eye lenses, with an angle of more than 180 degrees and high resolution, sweep the sides, rear and front of vehicles in real time
  • Electronic control unit merges the four camera images, which are automatically optimized for contrast and brightness, on a display in the cockpit, providing a virtual bird’s-eye view of the vehicle, including all blind spots
  • Provides live, real time imagery, even from different perspectives
  • Switches between 2D and 3D representation at the push of a button
  • In 2D mode, driver’s view is focused on the immediate surroundings
  • In 3D mode even more information from the surroundings, as well as other road users, is more easily recognizable
  • Enables faster maneuvering as well as shortened loading and unloading times
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