FPS2851ULC4 Urea Quality Sensor

Measurement Specialties developed its urea quality sensor to detect the concentration and temperature of urea as well as unauthorized fluids.

Measurement Specialties' FPS2851ULC4 urea quality sensor directly and simultaneously measures all critical parameters of aqueous urea solution.

  • Utilizes tuning fork technology to measure urea concentration and temperature
  • Enables quality testing of reducing fluid to ensure Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system achieves optimal performance
  • In-line or in-tank real-time multi-parametric urea analysis allows high performance algorithms to feed control system or ECM for optimal emissions control
  • OBD compliant
  • CAN J1939 compliant protocol for easy-to-connect interface to main control systems
  • Features corrosion and contaminant resistant coating
  • Able to detect unauthorized fluids


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