Armorcon Military Armor Conference

The 7th Annual Armorcon Military Armor Conference focuses on armor technology for military vehicles and personnel.

February 25, 2013
February 27, 2013
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1919 North Lynn Street
24th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209
United States
Toll Free:1-800-882-8684

The latest armor technologies, challenges and developments will be up for discussion at the 7th Annual Armorcon Military Armor Conference. Armor for both vehicles and military personnel will be covered during the three-day event.

Topics the event will focus on include requirements, testing, material performance, innovations and challenges associated with military armor. 

Mission-critical topics slated for discussion will include:

  • Military armor needs and requirements
  • Materials for military vehicles
  • Advances and challenges of reducing weight and increasing mobility
  • Soldier protective equipment
  • Innovations in armor alternatives

Military Armor Protection is an IDGA sponsored event. IDGA, the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement, is dedicated to promoting ideas in public service and defense.