FPS3851ULC4 In-Line Urea Quality Sensor

The FPS3851ULC4 urea quality sensor from Measurement Specialties features solid state technology for in-line urea quality monitoring.

Measurement Specialties has developed a urea quality sensor, the FPS3851ULC4, which directly and simultaneously measures parameters of urea solutions used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems.

  • Tuning fork technology measures urea concentration and in-line temperature
  • Enables users to determine if SCR system is achieving optimal performance
  • Real-time urea analysis allows feedback to feed control systems or ECMs for optimized NOx reduction
  • Meets OBD compliance using Failure Mode Indicators
  • CAN J1939 compliant for easy interfacing with main control systems
  • Includes corrosion and contaminant resistant wetted parts
  • Features ice expansion protection
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