EMD Speed Sensor for Orbital Motors

Sauer-Danfoss introduces its EMD speed sensor for orbital motors, which features an improved magnetic measuring principle to enhance motor control.

Sauer Danfoss Emdspeedsensor 10760805
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Sauer-Danfoss enhances mobile machine control with its precision EMD speed sensor for orbital motors.

  • Magnetic measuring delivers improved motor controllability and system flexibility
  • Offers high speed resolution while simultaneously indicating direction 
  • Features CANbus communication and compliance with Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 electronic control platform 
  • Includes patented contact-free sensing mechanism which follows movement of magnet inside steel plug
  • Direct connection to cardan shaft via a flexible axle enables detection of even the smallest rotational movement
  • Microcontroller inside sensor measures both speed and direction of magnet as it rotates – a task that, until now, has required two sensors
  • High resolution capability removes need for external tacho generators, decreasing costs 
  • Pulse mode has 180 pulses per revolution as default setting, but can also be configured to a range between 20 and 120 pulses per revolution
  • Available with standard output signals, which can be customized
  • Standard configurations include pulse and quadrature output signals, and also a CANbus option for reliable data transfer
  • Using the PLUS+1 service tool, the sensor is simple to set up, customize and adapt to OEM requirements
  • Up to 253 sensors can be connected to one CAN bus, saving on wiring and installation costs
  • Allows click-on mounting in the motor end-cover, where the angle can be easily adjusted for optimum wiring
  • Configuration to existing orbital motors is simple using the speed sensor plug
  • Design allows easy field servicing because the sensor is not in contact with the hydraulic oil
  • Highly shock resistant and watertight (IP69K)
  • Free of corroding parts
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