Engine Management Sensors

The Robert Bosch engine management sensors provide accurate measurement and fast response times.

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Robert Bosch LLC offers a diverse range of sensors that are designed to ensure optimal engine performance, fuel economy and low vehicle emissions.

  • Features high accuracy in measurement with fast response times
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Includes pressure sensors, engine position sensors, air management sensors and temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors feature excellent media resistance to ensure no corrosion is caused by the fluids being measured
  • Position sensors feature contactless and wear-free measurement of rotational angle and speed
  • Knock sensors fitted directly to engine block record structure-borne sound (knocking) in engine and transfers data to engine management system to counteract problem and ensure smoother combustion 
  • Air management sensors measure to very fine tolerances for efficient engine performance
  • Manifold intake pressure sensors? are compact, durable and vibration-resistant
  • Temperature sensors may be installed in engine block, cooling circuit or intake-air passage depending on the application and provide precise accuracy under extreme conditions
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