SIKO SG32, SG42 and SG62 Wire-Actuated Encoders

SIKO's SG32, SG42 and SG62 wire-actuated encoders feature two completely separate sensor systems to ensure accurate position detection.

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SIKO has developed the wire-actuated encoders SG32, SG42 and SG62 that, in combination with safe control systems, allow the overall system to be certified in pursuant to SIL2 PLd.

  • Features MTBF values of greater than 100 years
  • Provides enhanced security by a specialized and fully redundant sensor system, which is used to exactly determine the position
  • Two completely separate sensor systems detect the exact position and display them separately as analog signals
  • Measures lengths between 3 and 6 m
  • Well suited for accurate position determination of outriggers on cranes and working platforms as well as for determining the position of booms
  • Features durable structure, with spring assembly protected against the ingress of dirt and water
  • Temperature range -40 to 85 C
  • Durable even when used in wet and dirty conditions
  • Compact design
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