Gill Sensors & Controls Oil Debris Sensor

The Oil Debris Sensor from Gill Sensors & Controls includes two independent channels for particle detection to collect both fine and large metallic debris.

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Gill Sensors & Controls Limited has announced immediate availability of its Oil Debris Sensor that provides continuous real-time monitoring of particle contamination in hydraulic and engine oil lubrication systems.

  • Triggers either an immediate shutdown in cases of large particle build-up, or an early warning indication for needed maintenance - in both cases preventing unexpected downtime
  • Incorporates powerful, high temperature neodymium magnet that collects debris and keeps it from recirculating through the system, eliminating the possibility of further damage to components
  • Features two independent channels for particle detection - one for fine metallic debris and the other for larger metallic debris
  • Provides real-time information on health of mechanical components that are most reliant on hydraulic lubrication systems
  • Utilizes solid state technology with no moving parts
  • Operates at temperatures from -40-150 C (-40-302 F)
  • Works independently of oil flow rate, temperature, viscosity, oil color or air and water content
  • Outputs are from 4-20mA, 0-10V and CANbus  
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