Stauff TS-SNA/SNK-PT100 Temperature Sensors

The PT100 measuring element on Stauff's TS-SNA/SNK-PT100 temperature sensors enables faster, more precise measurement of hydraulic media.

Sensor with adapter for direct installation in hydraulic tank wall.
Sensor with adapter for direct installation in hydraulic tank wall.
Loresstau 10108159

The TS-SNA/SNK-PT100 temperature sensors from Stauff are designed to determine and monitor the media temperature in hydraulic reservoirs.

  • Made of stainless steel 1.4305
  • Covers measuring range from -40-150 C (-40-302 F)
  • Can either be installed in lower banjo bolt of level gauges from the SNA, SNK and SNKK Series or integrated directly into outer wall of a reservoir using suitable adapter set
  • Platinum measuring element PT100 enables media temperature to be recorded faster, more precisely and without the usual hysteresis (of up to 20 C) compared to conventional bimetallic temperature switches
  • Measuring element PT100 meets EN 60751, Class A
  • Allows immediate reaction to temperature fluctuations in the container which can be communicated, such as to an external oil cooler, via electrical connection
  • Designed as a 4-pin round plug connector M12 with gold plated contacts (A-coded, in line with IEC 61076-2-101)
  • Reduces amount of heat to be regulated in the tank, and cooler performance and running time, as well as the energy used 
  • Minimizes heat ageing of hydraulic medium which may extend maintenance and replacement intervals under certain circumstances, and has a positive effect on durability of seals
  • Typical areas of application include hydraulic applications which usually require the compensation of high temperature fluctuations to ensure proper operation of the systems and where there is a demand for optimizing energy efficiency
  • Available accessories include corresponding display and evaluation unit for visual monitoring which displays current system temperature in Celsius or Farenheit, and generates output signals according to adjustable presets
  • Signal converter for converting the measuring signal (Ohm) into the analogue output signal (4-20 mA) is also available
  • Features simple installation process
  • Suitable for original equipment as well as for retrofitting during normal maintenance intervals or downtimes







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