Trelleborg Variable Inflation Pressure (VIP) System

The Trelleborg Variable Inflation Pressure system self adjusts the pressure of a combine harvester's tire according to its precise load.

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Trelleborg's VIP – Variable Inflation Pressure - system is a smart and autonomous wheel capable of self-adjusting the pressure of a combine harvester’s tire during operation according to its precise load, optimizing the tire’s footprint in order to reduce soil compaction.

  • System is not only able to measure and/or change the tire pressure but also, being an intelligent system, determine and adopt the right pressure at the right time and in the right place, without manual intervention 
  • Achieves better flotation, resulting in lower soil compaction of up to 10.5%
  • Up to 5% higher crop yield compared to a standard wheel
  • Changes tire pressure depending on the load, the footprint of the tire remains constant at its maximum dimension
  • Directly integrated on the tire’s rim, the VIP system consists of a set of sensors measuring several parameters including load, pressure and temperature along with an electronic central processor controlling a compressor and a valve to adjust the pressure
  • Automatically senses whether the machine is in the field or on the road and modifies pressure accordingly, inflating on the road or deflating in the field
  • Detects when, on the same axle, the load on the right tire is different from the load on the left tire, giving a huge advantage on slopes, where the VIP system can set two different pressures according to data received, maximum safety is ensured along with high flotation, a constant footprint, excellent handling and low soil compaction
  • Further developments to the VIP system will include digital interface devices and a specific App to allow the operator to have total control of machine set up, footprint area, tire pressure and the total machine efficiency gained through the system
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