MAN Truck & Bus Develops On- and Off-Road Vehicle for German Water Service

MAN's new TGM 13.290 4x4 BB features an anti-lock braking system for off-road operation, as well as a PTG tire pressure system for individual tire pressure adjustment.

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“A vehicle that can do everything” – this is the gist of the extensive equipment catalog for the new MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 BB, which the Stuttgart branch of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH recently presented to employees of the Water Service. Hydraulic engineers at the Winterbach depot work on waterway maintenance on a daily basis and require a reliable mobile partner for on-road and off-road operations. The agile, 290 PS and specially equipped 14-t truck ensures that they can now cope with any eventuality.

The compact two-axle vehicle with a wheelbase of 3,600 mm in all-wheel design and with an upward-facing exhaust system is suitable for fording depths of up to 70 cm. With special off-road tires in 445/65 R 22.5, it is so high off the ground that typical operating areas including sodden fields, slippery slopes, muddy tracks and harsh winter conditions do not pose any problems. The MAN TGM is also fitted with a PTG tire pressure system, which means that the tire pressure in each wheel can be individually reduced or increased as required. Both modifications were carried out by the remodeling specialists at MAN partner Toni Maurer GmbH, who also installed the orange revolving beacons with protective headlight grille on the cab roof of the MAN TGM.

The sophisticated but intuitive transfer case lock management (VSM) also ensures excellent off-road capability. The driver can use the standard MAN rotary switch to select all switching and locking operations – controlling everything single-handedly. And there is no chance of making a mistake, as the rotary switch specifies the logical insertion sequence of the individual differential locks. Another safety feature ensures that it is only possible to switch between on-road and off-road gear ratios when the vehicle is stationary and the gearbox is in neutral.

The integrated hill-climbing brake provides additional assistance, as it enables the driver to make hill starts without the vehicle rolling backwards. When the rocker switch in the instrument panel is pressed, the brake cylinders in the service brake maintain the current brake pressure, so the driver does not have to apply the parking brake when making a hill start. This eases the strain on the driver during difficult maneuvers, reduces the risk of accidents caused by the vehicle rolling backwards, and reduces wear on the clutch and gearbox.

The MAN ABS for off-road operation, the off-road logic for the anti-lock braking system, is particularly useful when driving on unsurfaced roads. This feature increases the braking effect on soft ground such as gravel, sand, mud or wet snow, by building up a braking wedge from loose surface material in front of the tires.

Although the daily mileage covered in the MAN TGM is not as important for Stuttgart’s hydraulic engineers as the number of operating hours, the driver and passengers can still enjoy the benefits of a comfortable workplace in the cab. The MAN Media Truck Advanced Radio ensures good sound when driving and also provides hands-free mobile phone functionality, including Bluetooth. The driver can settle back into an air-sprung comfort seat with lumbar support, shoulder adjustment and seat heating. A passenger seat bench with individual seats allows two additional colleagues to travel in comfort.

The MAN TGM proves to be the ideal working tool, not only while driving but also when stationary, as the MAN chassis has been fitted with a type 6 three-way tipper engineered by Meiller. Additional aluminum side walls provide greater flexibility, depending on the cargo. Behind the cab is a 12.5-t PK12502 SH loading crane manufactured by Palfinger, with grippers which can be used in almost all wood maintenance jobs. A specially manufactured metal storage box sits between the crane and tipper across the entire width of the vehicle and is perfect for storing bulky tools such as a long-arm chainsaw.

A 5-t F-70.2/319H1 HW winch made by Werner is fitted to the front of the MAN TGM. When the winch is used, the MAN TGM is braced at all four wheel positions thanks to the pneumatic actuation of the parking brake on the front axle. When working with the rear-mounted, 8-t FW810 tail winch from Schlang & Reichart, a hydraulically-operated hill support on the frame end digs into the ground for additional security.

The operator can operate the crane and winch safely by remote control, which is a major advantage in terms of occupational safety. At the rear there is an additional hydraulic connection for operating a wood splitter. All attachments were designed in nearby Reichenbach an der Fils by Fahrzeugbau Wörner GmbH, which also received certification as a MAN partner.

In addition to the obligatory manufacturer’s equipment briefings on winches and cranes, the two drivers of the special vehicle received another special gift – an off-road training session with the instructors from MAN ProfiDrive.