Twin-3 XL Automatic Greasing System

Groeneveld announces the release of an extra-large version of its Twin-3 automatic greasing system.

Groeneveld Twin3xltechnicaldra 10814510

Groeneveld Group has introduced an XL version of its Twin-3 automatic greasing system.

  • Includes an extra-large grease reservoir made from solid coated metal
  • Features a capacity of 18 liters or 20 kilos of Class 2 grease
  • Well suited for heavier earth-moving machines, like wheel loaders and dump trucks (above 50 tons) and for diggers above 60 tons
  • Can also be used for smaller machines, with the advantage that lubricant needs to be filled less often
  • Compact and easy to mount system because the pump and reservoir have been combined
  • Cylinder-shaped reservoir has a diameter of 340 mm and the complete pump is no higher than 656 mm
  • Works under relatively little pressure retaining the quality and structure of the grease
  • Two simultaneous lines provide optimum greasing of all greasing points 
  • Patented volumetric system enables accurate dosage at each greasing point
  • Operates in extremely low temperatures 
  • Display in the cabin manages system operation, with potential error messages indicated via a letter and number combination
  • Helps reduce machine downtime, maintenance and repair costs as well as minimizes wear and tear on bearings, pins and bushing
  • Features a standard reservoir with follower plate and minimum level switch


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