AC Automatic Lubrication Pumps

Interlube Systems' AC automatic lubrication pumps are electrically operated and available with three reservoir sizes.

Interlubesystems Acautomaticlu 10827350

The AC range of automatic lubrication pumps from Interlube Systems are a compact, electrically-operated, multi-line lubrication system, with three reservoir sizes.

  • Multi-line concept enables each bearing to be lubricated independently, and damage to one feed line does not render the system inoperable
  • Easy to operate and virtually maintenance free
  • Fully adjustable
  • Delivers precise lubrication whenever a vehicle is in motion
  • Serves a maximum of 60 points
  • Suitable for use with oil and grease up to NLGI grade 2
  • Features a multi-position timer with memory
  • Six color-coded pumping units are available, with different stroke outputs to cater for varying output requirements, from 0.01cc to 0.1cc
  • AC1 is a compact reservoir model designed for light commercial vehicles, mini/midi buses and forklift trucks, in 12 or 24V with up to 12 lubrication points served
  • AC2 is designed for trucks, buses and trailers in 12 or 24V, serving up to 36 lubrication points
  • AC3 and AC6 are for use on larger commercial vehicles, buses and trailers, serving up to 60 lubrication points using SAE80 oil to NLGI grade 2 grease
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