Topcon i-53 Indicate Dozer Machine Control System

Topcon's i-53 indicate machine control system for dozers features slope sensors to improve the blade cutting edge position and angle for accurate grading.

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Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of its i-53 indicate dozer machine control system.

  • Comes with the latest Topcon GNSS receiver, graphical user interface, and machine control software 
  • Offers single GNSS plus slope sensor designed for complete control of elevation and slope
  • Features Topcon GX-55 control box with audible grade reference alarms and visual LED lights, as well as the new MC-i4 GNSS receiver
  • Bright screen and grade guidance features deliver quality graphical experience for machine control
  • MC-i4 GNSS receiver handles machine communication, allowing various radio configurations in one receiver for the Sitelink3D site management solution and/or network corrections
  • Use of slope sensors improves blade’s cutting edge position and angle to advance grading capabilities
  • Includes integrated virus protection and easy-access USB ports for saving and downloading job files 


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