Agritechnica 2011 Plans Showcase for Smart Farming Technologies

Due to the increased use of smart farm technologies, Agritechnica 2011 plans to hold a special show section dedicated to smart farming.

Use of smart farming technologies, such as navigation and data management devices, has been increasing over the last several years and looks to continue its upward trend. Because of this, Agritechnica 2011 has added a special show section called "Smart Farming - Intelligent and sustainable plant production." 

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the most up-to-date smart farming technologies and how those technologies can be implemented. The special show section will consist of five key focus categories - Navigation, Sensor Technology, Data Managment, Farm Management and Future Solutions. 

Various technologies that will be on display include GPS-assisted steering, navigation systems and ISOBUS technology, among others. 

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