Groeneveld Releases Oil Management System for Construction Equipment

Groeneveld has released its Oilmaster oil management system for use on construction equipment.

Groeneveld Hd Oilmaster

The Gorinchem-based Groeneveld Group, which has been a household name in automatic maintenance systems for over 40 years, has noticed increasing demand for implementing its Oilmaster oil management system in diggers, wheel loaders, generator sets and other earth-moving and construction equipment. The Oilmaster oil management system always guarantees perfect motor oil levels and has made oil-level checks a thing of the past.

The Groeneveld Oilmaster, which was originally developed for road transport and public transport, is now being increasingly implemented in trains, power packs, earth-moving equipment and generator sets. With this more intensive use in mind, Groeneveld specifically developed a Heavy Duty Oilmaster with a 15-liter aluminium reservoir. Groeneveld's advanced oil management system ensures that motor oil will always be at the required level, not too low, which can result in costly engine damage. But also not too high, which can result in excessive oil consumption, oil leaks through seals and gaskets and even damage to exhaust fume aftertreatment systems. In addition, the Oilmaster reduces the likelihood of sub-standard motor oil or motor oil with incorrect specifications being added.

A sense of certainty

In addition to these technical advantages, the Oilmaster oil management system offers machinists convenience and a sense of certainty because it is no longer necessary to check oil levels or re-fill motor oil. Furthermore, the likelihood of engine damage and major repairs due to low oil levels is reduced to a minimum.

The Oilmaster measures the oil level in the crankcase using the protocol identified by the engine manufacturer and automatically adds oil if necessary. The system then pumps exactly half a liter of oil from the integrated reservoir to the engine crankcase, in one or multiple doses. The engine can always operate at the ideal oil level because the oil level is checked regularly via a fixed protocol and is increased if necessary. In general, this oil level is considerably lower than the maximum limit on the oil gauge. This results in lower oil consumption and, in many cases, to lower fuel consumption. In addition, a lot less oil is needed when oil is renewed.

Advanced electronics

The extremely accurate level sensor closely monitors the oil level configured during assembly. Smart electronics ensure that exact amounts of oil are added whenever necessary. The amount of added oil is also registered in the Oilmaster's electronic memory, whereby enabling rapid diagnosis in case of excessive oil consumption.

The standard Groeneveld Oilmaster has a plastic reservoir with an optional capacity of either 6 or 12 liters. The Heavy Duty version has a 15-liter aluminium tank.