Greensight Active Safety System

Groeneveld's Greensight active safety system is an electronic detection system with acoustic warning signal and optional camera system.

Groeneveld Active Safety Syste 10883489

The Greensight active safety system is an electronic detection system from Groeneveld Group which helps increase safety around trucks and other heavy-duty equipment. 

  • Includes acoustic warning signal
  • Optional camera system provides machine operator with accurate and reliable information about free space behind or around the vehicle or machine
  • Available for construction equipment, trucks and trailers
  • Helps to prevent damage and personal accidents when reversing, even in bad weather conditions and when it’s dark
  • Two sensor units scan the space up to 8 m behind the machine by means of ultrasonic sound
  • Space behind vehicle has been divided into three well-defined zones, each with its own visual and acoustic signalling
  • Can be enhanced with one or more of Groeneveld’s high-end full color cameras and in-cab monitors for overviewing the sides, back or front of machine
  • Optional smart alarm is also available, warning people near the machine when reversing
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