Kollmorgen Introduces NDC8 for Natural Navigation Capability of Automated Vehicles

Kollmorgen's NDC8 platform enables natural navigation of automated guided vehicles, allowing OEMs to more freely arrange the way vehicles move through their environments.

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With the addition of natural navigation capability to Kollmorgen’s NDC8 platform, the need for reflectors or markers to the existing environment for navigation has been effectively removed. OEMs and integrators are free to arrange and rearrange the way automated guided vehicles (AGVs) move in the warehouse or factory. Installation time is short, reducing costs and minimizing the effect on operations. With natural navigation, it is also easy to expand existing systems based on other navigation technologies.

Natural navigation is one of the ideas from the NDC Concept team within Kollmorgen. The team is tasked to generate new ideas on navigation, hardware, software and services that can be used in vehicle automation kits. Other ideas on the drawing board are the intuitive all the way concept for higher performance and lower total costs, and a requirements collector  for easy sketch-up of desired driving paths on a tablet.