Cat Grade Control 3D Now Available for D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 Dozers

Caterpillar's Grade Control 3D automates machine functions for production-dozing and fine-grading applications to help improve operator efficiency and accuracy.

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Cat Grade Control 3D, by automating machine functions during both production-dozing and fine-grading applications, enables dozer operators to work more efficiently, accurately and productively, while also lowering operating costs. The system features an integrated design, including dual, roof-mounted antennas that eliminate the need to climb onto the blade to remove conventional blade-mounted masts and cables at the end of the day. The AccuGrade Ready Option is part of the package, adding versatility by allowing other Cat GRADE technologies to be used, such as AccuGrade Laser or a universal total station when satellite reception is limited.

The system assists operators with an in-cab display that shows grade plan, cut/fill data, and grade indicators, improving productivity up to 50%, compared with conventional grading methods. The system virtually eliminates the need for staking and manual grade checking, making the job site safer and allowing the operator to work unassisted to move material exactly as required—saving rework, fuel and machine wear. In addition, Grade Control 3D allows work to proceed even in limited visibility, extending the work day. As an added benefit, the system's automated blade control reduces required operator input by as much as 80%.

The integrated design of the Grade Control 3D system, in addition to the roof-mounted antennas, features an inertial measurement unit that senses machine orientation, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers, data radio, position-sensing hydraulic cylinders, joystick buttons for rapid grade adjustments, and a full-color grade-control display that visually indicates grading progress. In addition, the system includes three “intelligent" operating features that allow the machine to match blade loads with ground conditions, resulting in consistently full blades with reduced operator effort.

  • AutoCarry— automates blade lift and pitch to maintain desired blade load, improve load consistency, and reduce track slip. Complementing the automated implement-assist feature are three modes that further assist the operator in working productively. Working as an integrated system, these technologies can significantly reduce overall costs by producing more work, in less time, with a subsequent reduction in machine operating costs.
  • Grade Control—automates blade lift and tilt for consistent grades and optimizes productivity with AutoCarry.
  • Rough Grade—prevents downward movement of the blade center below grade, permitting full tilt-steer capability.
  • Grade Protection—prevents the blade from cutting below the target grade during manual blade operation, reducing overcutting.

Grade Control 3D further allows site managers to automatically track material movement and monitor job progress via the system's 3D track mapping data. Timely information encourages timely decisions that keep work on schedule. Production data can be viewed daily via Cat LINK technologies by using the online VisionLink 3D Project Monitoring capability, which does require a subscription and additional hardware.

The Grade Control 3D system is available for D3K2, D4K2, and D5K2 models and is supported by local Cat dealers and SITECH technology partners and.