Technology News Tracker: Truck Platoons Hit the Roadways

Testing of truck platoons has increased across the world as manufacturers aim to prove the benefits they can provide, such as improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

A platoon consists of two or more vehicles wirelessly connected to one another, with the first truck leading the others in the convoy.

In March, Scania announced its partnership with Ahola Transport to test semi-autonomous truck platoons on Finnish roadways.

Drivers will man all trucks, with the driver in the first truck controlling the entire platoon and the following trucks driving autonomously.

MAN Truck & Bus delivered test vehicles in February for a joint project testing platooning in daily logistics operations.

Daimler has also announced test projects in the U.S. and Japan.

DAF, Ricardo, Omnitracs and Peloton have recently announced truck platooning test projects, as well.

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