Navistar Selects MTA to Equip Fleet of International Trucks with Control Units

MTA will supply its PDM Underhood and PDM Chassis electromechanical units for use in Navistar's International Truck brand vehicles.

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MTA, a company renowned for the development and production of a wide range of electromechanical and electronic products for major OEs, has been selected by Navistar, a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial vehicles and buses, to equip its fleet of International Truck brand trucks.

For the seven models of Lonestar, WorkStar, Prostar, Durastar, LT Series, Transtar, and HX Series, Navistar has chosen to use two MTA control units for the distribution of power and the protection of the main electrical services: the PDM Underhood and the PDM Chassis, placed respectively in the underhood and on the frame.

MTA's PDM Underhood and PDM Chassis electromechanical units are made in the facilities of MTA Mexico, active since 2015 and able to serve the important North American market. They are specifically designed for use in the world of heavy transport and are distinguished by design choices and materials that allow the two products to operate in particularly harsh environments, in the presence of corrosive phenomena. The plastics used have a V-2 flammability rating and the screws are made of stainless steel. Both units have thick busbars that can handle high currents at high temperatures, and the areas that house the fuses have specific protection classes (IP69K for the PDM Underhood and IP67 for the PDM Chassis).

Navistar has chosen PDM Underhood for its compact size, made possible by the use of high-performance and compact "next generation" fuses: the MaxiCompact. Thanks to these characteristics, having a reduction in size by more than 60% compared to the products traditionally used, it is possible to accommodate a higher number of fuses in the available space.

MTA directly supplies Navistar with both units pre-assembled with the number of fuses required for the specific application on which they will be installed.

Receiving a product that is already complete, Navistar can install it directly on the vehicle without the need for intermediate steps, providing clear savings in time and cost.

MTA also supplies Navistar with a series of products installed in the cabin, like a 9-way frame with nine fuse modules, an extremely flexible solution that allows for different types of configurations by OEMs. All modules are supplied with terminals and are equipped with a secondary lock to ensure correct insertion of the terminal and to avoid possible shifting out of position.

With this important contract with Navistar, one of the leading truck OEMs, MTA confirms the high quality and modularity offered by its electromechanical products and its ability to provide customers with integrated, compact, and robust solutions, which, besides offering large economies of scale, are able to meet construction requirements characterized by ever diminishing dimensions.