MTA Providing Actuator Control Module for Lovol ARBOS

At Agritechnica 2017, MTA announced its Actua Actuator Control Module featuring a dual-core microcontroller will be used in the Goldoni Q110_S110 and E100 tractors.

03 Mta Actua Ecu For Lovol Arbos
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MTA, a company known for the development and production of a wide range of electromechanical and electronic products for major OEMs, announces the new partnership with Lovol ARBOS, with the delivering of Actua, an Actuator Control Module. 

Actua, designed by MTA’s electronic division, has been adopted by the Lovol ARBOS group for use on the Goldoni Q110_S110 and E100 tractors that will soon be launched on the market. The unit, which uses a Dual-Core microcontroller, was chosen thanks to its compact and robust design, as well as its IP67 degree of protection that makes it ideal for the agricultural business. 

The Actua for Goldoni controls all the tractors’ functions, like lights, turn signals, joysticks, and more, as well as taking care of the electrohydraulic distribution by managing the machines’ accessories or the PTO. Actua also includes 62 inputs, of which 45 digital, 13 analogue and four frequency, and 30 outputs, of which 5 PWM. 

The Actua software was developed specifically for the Goldoni Q110_S110 and E100 tractors in a basic version, then implemented in total autonomy by the customer according to the specific features of the vehicle it is mounted on, thanks to the MTA Studio software supplied to the OEM. MTA Studio is a proprietary tool for the computer that allows the customer to tailor the product to the needs of the vehicle it will beinstalled on and that can be used even by novice users. 

The electronic products currently developed with MTA Studio tool consist in six dashboards, four displays and two actuator control modules, all part of a standard range that is always available and constantly expanded by MTA’s electronic division.