STW TCG-4 Controller

The TCG-4 controller includes four CANbuses and interfaces for 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth to enable machine communication.

Stw Tcg4

The TCG-4 controller from STW is a digitalization platform that offers multiple communication interfaces and a powerful processor.

  • Interfaces include 4G mobile communication technology (with 2G/3G fallback), WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated receiver for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) allows accurate positioning of machines
  • All data can be exchanged with authorized users and cloud services at any time  
  • Includes four CANbuses and on-board I/0
  • Manages communication within machine, among machines (M2M), smart devices and with the internet and cloud services
  • Highly adaptable platform for IoT solutions
  • Tested for use in off-highway applications
  • Designed to operate under rough environmental conditions like vibration, temperature, etc.
  • FFF (Form Fit Function) compatibility
  • Offers same practical form factor and pin-compatible connector as other modules of TCG product family
  • Internal antennas eliminate need for additional antenna cost or drilling holes
  • Freely programmable
  • Uses Linux operating system which provides wide ranging development ecosystem combined with extensive programming libraries to make development for specific applications fast and easy
  • Powerful ARM processor, DDR3 memory and extensive data storage facilitate data pre-processing already on the machine (edge computing) even before exchanging data with cloud services

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