Eberspaecher Programmable Control Unit

The PCU can be used in various vehicle types and for various applications including interior light control.

Eb Programmable Control Unit 53

Eberspaecher introduces its Programmable Control Unit (PCU) with variable design and programming.

  • Enables autarkic control for various vehicle functions
  • Compact design
  • Provides interior lighting dimming in passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Guarantees increased safety on as a reverse warning system
  • Can also be programmed for other applications depending on the requirements
  • Relay plug-in housing with 6.3 mm (0.25 in.) flat connector
  • Can be used in various vehicle types and for various applications
  • Capable of being used for rotating beacon on construction site or emergency vehicles, as controls for hydraulic lifts in commercial vehicles, or as reverse warning systems on forklifts
  • CAN/LIN variant allows use as a gateway
  • Future applications include controlling LEDs outside vehicle and allowing autonomous vehicles to communicate with their environment
  • Meets interior environmental requirements (IP40) and is validated to LV 124
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