ST-575-HWI Lean RFID Hour Meter

The ST-575-HWI lean RFID hour meter from OEM Data Delivery captures and transmits equipment use information.

Oemdatadelivery St575hwi Leanr 11519375

OEM Data Delivery recently launched its ST-575-HWI, a lean RFID hour meter that captures and securely transmits equipment use information.

  • Suitable for all types of heavy equipment
  • Wireless, paperless and hands free
  • Collects engine idling and working data
  • Provides cumulative, idling and working hours based on engine operation
  • Components engineered for long and continuous operation in severe operating conditions
  • Designed for fast installation and simple troubleshooting
  • Helps cut down wasteful idling and identifies equipment productivity
  • Ensures preventive maintenance schedules are performed on time, while also eliminating the costs of over- or under-servicing
  • Hour-meter information is transmitted 100+ yards (line-of-sight) to a radio antenna connected to an OEM Data Delivery MiniPOD module
  • Paperless machine history data is immediately available, and reliable radio link prevents lost or inaccurate data
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