Leveraging Digital Technologies and Data to Improve Customer Efficiency

Responses from Caterpillar Inc. representative


The Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0): Data, Connectivity and Automation

What does “Industrial Revolution 4.0” mean to Caterpillar?

The story of our digital vision is one of silicon and steel; it’s about leveraging digital and data, alongside our world-class machines and engines, to improve the productivity of our customers worldwide. The digital vision will be a foundational element of each strategic business within Caterpillar as we amp up our technology offerings while continuing to make great products and provide the best aftermarket support. We are not changing our core business, but we are expanding what we’re know for even smarter. 

What role do any of the following branches of the IR4.0 play within the company and/or product designs?

  • Big Data (Smart Data) – acquisition, management, extrapolation and presentation
  • GPS, Telematics and Connectivity
  • Automated Systems and Vehicles
  • Are there other branches or areas of focus?

Caterpillar has been focused on leadership in technology for decades, but now is the time to accelerate the transformation of sophisticated applications and analytics into solutions. We are leveraging leading edge applications of advanced analytics and disruptive technology to accelerate Caterpillar’s transformation to merge the physical with the digital.

Is there a particular route or focus Caterpillar is taking amidst the IR4.0 set of opportunities?

Caterpillar’s focus is on helping our customers be more successful. This focus has led us to leverage telematics to build smarter machines and be the leader in connected fleets for the industries we serve.

Initially we will focus on four areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Sustainability

What is the opportunity potential, and what benefits are you already seeing?

There are many teams at Caterpillar hard at work on digital customer solutions.  We are seeing benefits through our customers’ success stories.  

How do you foresee the IR4.0 affecting the industry as a whole? Are there any new or improved opportunities it will enable?

This is an evolution for the industry. Caterpillar envisions a world where we continue to cultivate our understanding of customer challenges and opportunities so well that we can anticipate and deliver what customers need before they even know they need it. 


Looking Ahead at CONEXPO/IFPE 2017

What forward looking technologies do you anticipate seeing a lot of at the show?

Employees have been focused on creating a new Caterpillar CONEXPO experience for months. Attendees should expect our stand and displays to reinforce Caterpillar as the leader in the innovative and digital technology space.

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