Are we relying too much on technology? Are we making ourselves helpless?

What severe long term problems could arise if technology were to be disrupted in some way?

Look...I don't mean to get all sci-fi on you, but does anyone ever think about the severe problems that could arise, even if momentarily, should a technology go awry? Look at the recent GPS v. LightSquared issue that has been developing for six months now, and still there has been no resolution to save the precision positioning system interference issues.

After chatting with a representative from LightSquared, it appeared as though it was the GPS industry that was refusing to assist in finding a technological resolution to the interference problem.

The GPS industry, on the other hand, appears to feel that it is the sole responsibility of LightSquared to remedy the problem.

On July 7 LightSquared announced it had created the Empower Rural America Initiative to ensure filters and other devices are developed to resolve any GPS issues related to precision ag and other areas.

“Let’s work to find solutions that will give farmers the accurate GPS signals and advanced wireless and broadband services available to rural America,” said former representative George Nethercutt. “They shouldn’t be mutually exclusive goals. The need for ubiquitous wireless broadband services at reasonable costs is one of the greatest needs in these communities.”

What have you heard on this topic? It's a hot one, and people are certainly upset on both sides of the coin. Keep us posted on things you hear as this develops either by commenting here or posting it on our Facebook page.

I've also recently wrote a story on the developing GPS interference issue, the problems, the position of both sides, the conflict...all it's missing is a romance plot line and we've got a movie. Take a look and let me know your thoughts!

GPS and Broadband Battle Signal Interference