V3R Telematics Platform

Zonar introduces its V3R telematics platform for work truck fleets and construction equipment featuring IP67 and IP69K sealing to withstand harsh operating environments.

Zonar V3r 11295022

Zonar has released the V3R telematics platform for work truck fleets and construction equipment.

  • Brings 3G network GPS tracking to vehicles operating in harsh conditions
  • Provides vehicle tracking combined with operating information for vehicles that work in harsh conditions including dirt, mud, ice, sand and rain
  • Features durable hard casing designed to withstand the harsh shaking and shocking inherent with rough terrains
  • Meets IP67 and IP69K ratings, making it not only dust tight, but also able to withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning
  • Sealed watertight connectors ensure reliable connectivity with the vehicle under all weather conditions
  • Can endure temperatures from -40 to 85 C and will function properly in environments up to 95% humidity
  • Reports and alerts for asset location, speed, idle time and geo-fences help fleets monitor daily activities
  • Automatic hour meter, based on ignition status, helps track need for preventive maintenance and provides data for billable hours--saving fleets valuable time
  • Compatible with Zonar’s electronic vehicle inspection reporting (EVIR) system for automated visual truck and equipment inspection reporting
  • Features flexible options for magnetic attachment or bolt installation
  • Integrates with all Zonar devices and transmits data from other modules and products, including electronic inspection data captured with Zonar’s 2020 tablet and 2010 inspection tool
  • Contains ports for up to five inputs, which can be used to capture events and ensure drivers are following best practices
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