Antenna Co. AC30011 Multi-Constellation Antenna

Antenna Co.'s AC30011 antenna offers 65-70% efficiency and can be closely integrated with 4G cellular antennas.

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Antenna Company announces the launch of the AC30011, a multi-constellation antenna for location tracking and positioning applications, supporting GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou frequency bands.  

  • Optimized for easy integration into industry standard OBD-II dongle form factors, allowing fast time-to-market for new designs without need for extensive and iterative tuning process 
  • Tested with industry-leading GNSS chipsets
  • Provides greater coverage and accuracy in challenging RF conditions compared to ceramic GPS patch antennas
  • Offers omni-directional coverage pattern
  • Does not require external LNA or filter components to achieve good performance
  • Efficiencies of 65-70% are typical
  • Exhibits excellent impedance matching over frequency bands
  • Designed for close integration with 4G cellular antennas in telematics units to avoid coupling between antennas
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