Freedom ATS (Advanced Tracking System)

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Certified Power Inc. announces the Freedom ATS (Advanced Tracking System), a data capturing device that incorporates GPS data as well as other critical information including but not limited to: spreader control and other serial data, road/air temperature data, engine and truck data as well as simple digital status data.

  • Utilizes many forms of communications to accommodate a wide range of mobile applications including; cellular modem (GPRS, CDMA and IDEN), Wi-Fi and private mobile radio data channels
  • Equipped with SD card for data storage and transfer as well as backup
  • Dimensions: L 8in x W 5in x H 2.2in
  • -40 to 85C operating temperature
  • Power supply: 9-32v DC; 5 amp
  • Inputs: 8 digital sink/source configurable
  • Outputs: 4 digital, 6A each
  • Communication: 3 RS232 com ports, one full and two 2-wire
  • Internal GPS receiver and external antenna
  • 10/100 Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11B/G/I WEP/256bit encryption
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