Topcon Joins Initiative Dedicated to Better Data Control for Farmers

Topcon is a founding member of the Agricultural Data Coalition which aims to build an online repository where farmers can securely store and control data collected from their tractors, harvesters and other agricultural devices.

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Topcon Positioning Group announces its participation in a new initiative dedicated to the mission of helping farmers better control, manage and maximize the value of the data they collect every day in the fields — the Agricultural Data Coalition (ADC).The goal of ADC is to build a national online repository where farmers can securely store and control the information collected by their tractors, harvesters, aerial drones and other devices.  Over time, that data can then be scrubbed, synced and transmitted in an efficient and uniform way to third parties — whether they are researchers, crop insurance agents, government officials, farm managers, input providers or any trusted advisor the farmer chooses.

“Topcon is proud to be a founding member of the ADC,” says Michael Gomes, Vice President of Business Development for Topcon Precision Agriculture. “As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to become integrated into agriculture, it opens up many opportunities for both sensors, as well as displays and machine control solutions for a myriad of applications through the farming cycle; from tractors and implements to sprayers, combines, grain carts and even animal feeding systems. All of which generates a number of possibilities for Topcon technology, such as our Digi-Star and NORAC brands to include displays from Wachendorff, as well as integrated in solutions from Topcon Positioning Group.

“At Topcon, we recognize the need for transparent data exchange and usage; our investment into the ADC is an example of cross industry collaboration necessary for our industry to continue advances in data sharing amongst stakeholders on behalf of the producers,” says Gomes.

Topcon Positioning Group planned and coordinated with multiple organizations and universities including two other major manufacturers, AGCO and CNH Industrial, to create ADC.

Farmers interested in learning more about data collection, and organizations interested in joining ADC’s efforts, should visit


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