Topcon MR-2 GNSS Modular Receiver

Topcon's MR-2 modular GNSS receiver system tracks all current and planned constellations to enable easy expansion of GNSS systems.

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Topcon Positioning Group has released a modular GNSS receiver system, the MR-2.

  • Combines all current and planned constellation tracking with comprehensive set of communication interfaces
  • Services any precision application requiring high performance RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning and heading determination
  • Performs as mobile RTK base station, marine navigation receiver, mobile mapping device and as GNSS receiver for agricultural, industrial, military, or construction applications 
  • Well suited for OEMs needing custom, high-accuracy modular design for easy integration
  • Housing is water- and dust-proof, and built to withstand harsh environments with superior vibration and shock tolerances
  • Uses Topcon HD2 heading determination technology
  • Dual antennas compute high-performance heading and inclination determination alongside RTK positioning engine for precise navigation and guidance applications 
  • Provides variety of communication interfaces such as Ethernet, serial and CAN, allowing for easy integration into any application
  • Offers best-in-class multi-path rejection
  • Uses Topcon Quartz Lock Loop technology to operate without disturbances in high vibration environments 
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