Trimble Alloy GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station Receiver

The Trimble Alloy GNSS receiver has 672 channels for GNSS constellation tracking and is IP68 rated for use in harsh operating conditions.

Front Panel Alloy

Trimble introduces its next generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference receiver for real-time network (RTN) applications—the Trimble Alloy GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) receiver.

  • Features 672 channels for GNSS constellation tracking including: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS as well as the full range of SBAS
  • Provides users and operators with access to multiple constellations and signals, supplying robust and reliable reference data
  • IP68 rating for protection against dust and moisture
  • Performs even rugged environments to meet demands of professionals from various industries including construction and agriculture
  • Delivers high-accuracy GNSS data to improve RTN performance and reliability
  • Powered by new Trimble Maxwell 7 GNSS dual chipsets
  • Tracks and processes all of today's current GNSS signals at data rates up to 100Hz, and is designed to be ready for planned signals and systems
  • Derive position at centimeter-level accuracy in real-time by leveraging Trimble RTX precise point positioning technology
  • Works with Trimble's advanced Sentry monitoring technology to automatically notify operator of any status change including positional changes to ensure users are receiving the most accurate correction data
  • Intelligent receiver design
  • Features tilted four-line OLED screen to display key information without need for scrolling through multiple menus
  • Dual hot swappable batteries, coupled with multiple power inputs, give users flexible installation options
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple serial ports and remote access options allow users to configure device easily, no matter how or where it's installed

Back Panel Alloy

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